Open MRI for Claustrophobia & Senior Patients
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Here is what our patients have to say about their experience at Open MRI of Orlando:

"The staff was well trained, helpful, and respectful. They really listened and when I mentioned I was uncomfortable, they didn't look at me funny as other doctor's offices have. I have already started referring people over because I just appreciated how I was treated. This was a successful experience." - Betsy
"I can't say enough about the transportation department at Open MRI. They are always on time and the girls are as sweet as can be. I appreciate them so much. My sons and daughters are so pleased. I have never met such kind people before. I was told by my other doctors that my leg pain would never go away, but with the therapy I have received my pain is improving greatly." - Iris
"Open MRI of Orlando has made such a difference in the way I handle referrals and authorizations for my office. I am a referral coordinator, and send patients to Open MRI of Orlando regularly because it makes my job so much easier. Now, all I have to do is fax it over. I don't have to sit on the phone forever getting authorizations from the insurance companies. I love OMRI for how easy and convenient the referral process has become." - Betty Referral Coordinator
"I enjoyed how courteous and helpful everyone was. I used to work for a radiologist and I was impressed with how I was treated by Open MRI of Orlando. The complimentary bottle of water on the way out was a nice gesture." - Joseph
"This was truly a pleasure to have been able to use your facility. I was seen at my scheduled time, and the staff was absolutely wonderful. I will definitely recommend this MRI location. A special thanks to Tammy." - Yomi
"I have no complaints; the test was very easy and relatively quick. I don't think there is anything that needs to change to improve the level of service you provide" - Wayne
"My overall experience at Open MRI of Orlando was excellent. The staff was so helpful, and treated me so kindly. I have already started referring friends to your facility." - Karen
"I have been to so many doctors' offices where they don't seem to care about me that I was impressed with the high level of friendliness and courteous attitude shown by the employees". - Dennis



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